How long after a cat s belly drops do they give birth

My baby dropped on Thursday. I'm 37 weeks(almost 38)and am wondering how long it usually takes to go in to labor after your baby drops ? Female cats can become pregnant anytime after about 6 months of age. However most females aren't psychologically mature enough to become a mother until they are at. My Sugar Babies, belly had "dropped" today. It is really noticable. Just curious is this a sign of pre labor? She is still eating and isnt nesting much since two days. They continue to move untill they make thier way down to the birth long after my pregnant dogs belly drops after a cats nipples leak will she give birth. Best Answer: I am not for sure all i do know is that cat 's are usually pregnant for about 64 days. I found this article. A queen's gestation period. Pregnant kitties need mild exercise indoors and a safe space to rest until they give birth .. How Long Before Delivery Do Cats Produce. Why Do Cats Like Belly Rubs? Usually a day or two before mama cats give birth , the belly drops -- not just a little but a lot. The kittens that she is carrying inside are really moving.
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Usually a day or two before mama cats give birth , the belly drops -- not just a little but a lot. The kittens that she is carrying inside are really moving. Wondering when pregnant cat will give birth . Well I'm fostering a pregnant cat for the local shelter.. how long after her belly drops will she give birth ? Best Answer: Some signs of imminent birth in cats : * Mammary glands will increase in size during the last week of gestation * Around two days before giving.

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